Raj Tarun
PR Handout

Since the last couple of days, news about Raj Tarun and his accident has been going viral. Media mistook Raj Tarun as Tarun and finally, Tarun gave a clarification that it is not he who met with the accident, but Raj Tarun. While Raj Tarun has accepted that it is he who met with the accident, looks like the case has taken new turns and twists.

Going into the details, a guy called Karthik recorded a video of the accident. He saw Raj Tarun getting out of the car and running away from the spot of the accident to the main road. He recorded everything and followed the actor to the main road because he was running barefoot.

Popular news channel TV9 telecasted a video which has been shot by Karthik in which he is seen asking Raj Tarun why he is running away after the accident and whether there was anyone with him in the car. Tarun replies, "Which car? I don't know what you are talking about. I am just going to have a smoke and will be reaching my home soon."


Karthik said, "Don't lie to me because I have seen you coming out of the car and running. And does anyone go barefoot when they want to smoke?" Raj Tarun and Karthik reportedly also exchanged contact numbers.

The twist in the case is, in a new audio clipping which emerged on Thursday, a man and woman are heard blackmailing Karthik and saying that they would kill him if he doesn't delete the video and make sure it doesn't reach the police.

The woman in the audio clip has also reportedly promised to pay Rs 5 lakh to Karthik in case he agrees to delete the video.  


The police spoke to the media on Thursday and have said that necessary action will be taken against Raj Tarun if it is proven that he has blackmailed Karthik.