U.S. President Obama and Philippine's President Aquino raise glasses for a toss during a State Dinner inside Malacanang presidential palace in ManilaReuters

Philippines is the last stop in U.S. President Barack Obama's fifth Asia Pacific trip, and on Monday night Philippines President Benigno S. Aquino III hosted a state dinner for his counterpart at the at Malacañang Palace.

But before the dinner, netizens got a good laugh at the expense of President Benigno's sister, Kris Aquino, after a photograph of Obama saying he did not want to see Kris went viral.

The meme was posted on Twitter by So Whats News, a satire website, and it has Obama explicitly telling Benigno that he does not want to meet the president's sister. Click here to check out the picture.

"I don't wanna see Kris. Period," Obama tells Benigno.

This meme has elicited a lot of witty comments from netizens who feel that Kris, a television personality and actress, has been a source of embarrassment for the Philippines president.

Check out some of the comments on Twitter.

"Kris Aquino should stay the hell away from President Obama. I think she's embarrassed this country enough."

"We can all give a sigh of relief, Kris Aquino did not do anything embarrassing yesterday during the Obama dinner. TY kris."

"I can just imagine Kris Aquino saying 'brother let me naman interview president Barack Obama'; oh god forbid, please no.

"let Kris Aquino interview President Obama or else all the US-PH agreements will turn to arguments"

The youngest sister of President Benigno is known to share intimate details of her personal life with the public. Back in 2003, she appeared on national television crying about contracting a sexually transmitted disease from former partner Joey Marquez, and more recently, Kris' disclosure about her love affair with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista managed to raise some eyebrows.

Earlier this month, the 43-year-old actress revealed to the public that she was in a relationship with the mayor, but later backtracked stating that they were just friends.