After more than one-and-a-half months since the death of television actress Pratyusha Banerjee, another shocking detail has come out regarding the alleged suicide case. According to a Mid-Day report, a girl named Jazz claimed that she was with Pratyusha and her beau Rahul Raj Singh, a couple of hours before the TV actress was found dead at her apartment on April 1.

Jazz is an aspiring Bollywood actress and will feature in Sunny Leone starrer upcoming film "Beimaan Love." The lady has already recorded her statement at the Bangur Nagar police station after Pratyusha's death but reportedly stayed away from the media as she didn't want to grab unnecessary attention.

However, several weeks after the tragic incident, Jazz, in an interview with Mid-Day said that the "Balika Vadhu" actress was a strong woman and couldn't have killed herself. She assumed that Prayusha's death was a result of a prank she was trying to play on Rahul as it was April Fools' Day.

"Pratyusha was too strong a woman to kill herself. I was with her till the morning of that fateful day and I didn't get any inkling of any such intention. She was cheerful and happy about her impending marriage to Rahul. I feel Pratyusha was trying to play a prank on Rahul and her prank led to the accident. She was not the type to take in any of Rahul's highhandedness and end her life over it," Jazz said.

Spilling some beans on the marks found on Pratusha's neck, Jazz told the daily that those were burn injuries sustained while she was frying fish. "When I met Pratyusha, I asked her about the marks. She told me that it was due to spluttering of hot oil while frying fish and when the skin burns, it takes time to heal," Jazz said as she went on to share what unfolded in the last few hours that she spent with Pratyusha.

Jazz further said that she knew Pratyusha and Rahul. Talking about what happened the night before the incident, Jazz said that she and Rahul had been planning to meet for quite some time and on May 31, she called up Rahul and the duo met at a restrobar in Andheri, Mumbai. Later, they went to Pratyusha's house in Goregaon. Soon after, she and Rahul visited Mount Mary Church in Bandra sans Pratyusha, who was sleepy and preferred to stay back. Upon returning to Pratyusha's house, they chatted, danced and played music for long hours. At 7 a.m. on April 1, Jazz returned to her house and even texted Pratyusha for the lovely time she had spent with her.

The lady also pointed out that Pratyusha must have been planning a surprise for Rahul and even had sindoor (vermilion) on her forehead. Jazz added that if Pratyusha was unhappy about something, she would have left a note.