A lot has been reported and said about Ranbir Kapoor's films not working out at the box office, but girlfriend Katrina Kaif came to her beau's rescue with a logical explanation.

Talking to Daily Bhaskar, the "Phantom" actress said she doesn't feel comfortable sharing what the Kapoor lad has discussed with her about his career but what she can vouch for is Ranbir's commitment and passion for films cannot be challenged.

She went on to add how every actor goes through lean phase adding that it has happened to the best of stars including Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir Khan.

Even Rishi Kapoor batted for his son saying it's all part of the game and that he too went through some times in his career.

"No one doubts Ranbir's ability to deliver. I was lucky that way. Even when my films flopped no one said I was bad in them. The same is true of Ranbir. He is going through a process of churning. He will find his bearings," Subhash K Jha quoted him as saying.

While everyone important to RK has been coming out in his support, he himself isn't too sure of what's happening to his career at the moment.

Talking to NDTV a couple of months ago, the charming actor said a sense of insecurity had started to trickle in.

"There's a sense of insecurity that's starting to trend inside of me. I'm feeling a sense of friction where I really don't know what's happening with my career. I know what's happening with my work but I don't know what's going to happen with my career," he further elaborated.

In other news, Ranbir has "Tamasha" with Deepika Padukone lined up for release, and "Jagga Jasoos" with Katrina Kaif in the pipeline.