Christine Ouzounian, who worked as a nanny for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's three children, has been telling her pals that she has more than a professional relationship with the "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" actor.

Ouzounian, a 28-year-old California native, worked as a nanny for just a few months, but she soon developed an intimate relationship with Affleck, according to her friends.

"Christine is in love with him," one friend of Ouzounian's told People, adding that the duo began their affair last spring. The friend told the media outlet that the pair would often meet at the Hotel Bel Air, and she even showed her friends pictures of them kissing.

"For Christine, it was a relationship," another friend told People. "A friend warned her she was going to end up heartbroken."

Garner reportedly found out about Ouzounian and Affleck's affair in June and the couple announced their split on 30 June, after 10 years of marriage.

One of Ouzounian's friends told the publication that Garner "was livid" when she found out about the affair. "And I don't blame her because if my children bonded with you and you did this? It's just the biggest betrayal."

Affleck's representatives have dismissed these reports calling them "complete garbage and full of lies," and a source close to the actor told People that the nanny was not responsible for Affleck and Garner calling it quits.

"This was not one of the reasons for the breakup," said the source close to Affleck. "There was no affair during or after [their marriage]. Ben and Jen have been separated for months."

An Us Weekly report too stated that Ouzounian started her employment with Affleck and Garner when the couple was in the midst of a 10-month trial separation.

The nanny was let go when Garner realised Affleck and Ouzounian had more than a professional relationship, the publication said.