Radhika Madan (Ishani) and Shakti Arora (Ranveer) are known to share a good rapport, both on and off screen. But, there's a chance she may have slapped him once for real.

In one of the videos shared online, the actress confessed to having slapped her co-stars. Talking about it, she said how she would find it difficult to make a fake slap look real, and so the director would request her to smack the other actor for real.

Radhika concluded the story by saying she would apologise every time she had to shoot for scenes that required her to hit her co-actors.

Ishani and Ranveer have had their share of differences but their little tiffs or the biggest of misunderstandings never led them to use physical force upon one another barring one of the initial sequences in which she had to slap him for a minor miscommunication.

So did she slap him for real? While Radhika has the best answer to that, in one of the episodes Ishani was shown to slap Ritika as well.

In other news, the current track of "MATSH" is concentrating on Ishani and Ranveer's wedding. But, quite obviously, all of this will not come easy for the lovebirds.

According to reports, RV's personality disorder will create a rift between him and his ladylove, and he will apparently desperately want Nimisha, the wedding planner, in his life.

Check out the actress' confession, below: