Madhumitha Suicide Attempt
Madhumitha is out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.PR Handout

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil seems to have witnessed abrupt elimination of yet another contestant after Saravanan. Yes, Madhumitha has been shown the door after she physically hurt herself.

The latest teaser shows Madhumitha having a conversation with Kamal Haasan, who tells her that success was staring at her and "sacrifices" should come in a "non-violent" way, while Cheran too is seen stating that she did a mistake. Although it does not give any clarity, some section of media have stated that she attempted suicide following a heated argument with the boys' team-spearheaded by Kavin.

Madhumitha had a series of arguments with the boys inside the house in the last couple of days. Kavin, Sandy and Losliya had verbal duels with her. She was one of the contestants who was in the danger zone and was expected to be safe this week.

Madhumitha had also won the captaincy task. Unfortunately, her journey seems to have ended abruptly. In the same season, Saravanan's contract was terminated mid-way after he claimed to have molested women when he used to travel in bus long ago.

There is also a belief among the fans that Madhumitha might be given on more opportunity to re-enter Kamal Haasan-hosted show by sending her into the secret room.

However, are the fans of the Bigg Boss Tamil upset with the development? Check out the comments made by people on Twitter:

Unicorn: Maybe #madhumitha felt abandoned by everyone & had to get out. Must not have been easy to handle 5 people yelling at her at the same time. That too whenever she tries to speak. It just ends up as a yelling fest
The taunting.Songs.Nakkals. Kindles

Ariez Fernando: Stop blaming the Boys Gang for #Madhumitha's suicide Attempt..
Unnekom reason theriyathu
Ennekom reason theriyathu
Why Madhu cut her hand nu..
un imagination unnode vechiko..
Episode parkame ishtathu ku sollathinga !!
No one bully anyone

vanitha Manoharan: I never expect this from you.its shocked.A women who shows full sprit to the game!!Gentle women in BB house.#madhumitha #BigBossTamil

Ashok Kumar: #Kavin tried to flirt with girls and influence a few other women to keep himself safe. He did use their emotions. Some understood and walked out, some still stick to him. He did USE them and we all know. But why people overreact when #Madhumitha tells it?

Mayuraa siva: it's not her failure as n audience v r failed 2 support. Everyone take #Madhumitha as n example n blaming her for suicide but why we didn't do tht for #kavins matter isn't her also n example of the generation outside or s it ok to flirt for win game

Jangiri Army: Kudos #Madhumitha
Proud of u
You just proved you are a proud girl who kept her words & was always a proud contestant who never goes back on her stance
Tight slap on

Thanks for the memories girl