Abhirami Venkatachalam and Madhumitha
Madhumitha slut-shames Abhirami.PR Handout

Madhumitha has been severely criticised by the netizens for slut-shaming Abhirami Venkatachalam, her co-contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, in an interview on Monday, 9 September. 

Vijay TV, who reportedly refused to give her permission to talk to the media after she was abruptly terminated from Bigg Boss Tamil house for hurting herself by cutting her wrist, finally organised a press meet in which Madhumitha opened up on many issues.

During the course of the interaction, Madhumitha spoke about an issue apparently about Abhirami without taking the name. She said, "There was a girl inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house who never used to wear inner garments in the evenings and wore transparent dress. There are guys inside the house and those cameramen who are recording the show are also men. Vanitha and I were shocked to see her in such costumes. After four days, we raised the issue with her, but her attitude never changed," the actress continued, "She falls in love with Kavin in just four days and discusses about marriage with him," 

Madumitha further added, "After he refused to accept her proposal, she falls in love with Mugen on the fifth day of the show and claims to have an imaginary baby on the sixth day. I was disturbed over her behaviour because people of Tamil Nadu are watching it and my family members are watching the show,"

Although she has not taken the name, it becomes clear because it was Abhirami who had first tried to get closer with Kavin and then fell in love with with Mugen.

Madhumitha's slut-shaming comments have been severely criticised by the netizens. Her view on the dress-sense of Abhirami has not gone well and they see it as an attempt to tarnish her name.

Check out select-few reactions of the fans:

Adhithya Kasiviswamathan: Madhu now I have no respect for you. In order to prove you are correct you have unnecessarily put down another women. What so ever why unnecessarily you are talking about Abirami. Now are you not hurting Abirami's mom ? Then how can you say you stand for women. I am not a fan of abirami but the way you spoke about her you have tarnished her name. This is something you should not have spoken in public. You behaved very cheaply here.

VIGNESH RAJA: If this madhu is blabbering this much in a general interview, thing what and all she would have spoke in a heated argument that day??Dear people just think before u blame others in this case..Madhu is not trustable at all #Madhumitha @kaajalActress #BiggBossTamil3

Dwain Adam Michael : #Madhumitha exposes a channel who promotes body shaming, defaming women, perverted jokes.
Exposes the 8 contestants said they have no basic humanity, but no we only gonna focus on the dress code to make it even more obvious,
that only dress code issue matters.

@IamKuhan_: #Abhirami wear transparent dress and play with bottle as baby
#Sakshi wear Shorts "Jatti" in madhu version
Is these things spoiled your "Tamilnadu Makkal" or "Culture" in this 77Days ?
Nee " Iruttu araiyil Morattu kuttu " padam panna will never ever SPOILD anyone ?

தண் இயல்: You think none of the women watching noticed #abhirami dressing sense.
Whose job is too tell her privately?
Her mom and her girlfriends at her home.
Not you Infront of the cameras and reporters.
Disgusting publicity stunt #madhumitha

ajithkanth009: whoever felt #Abhirami was framed and disgraced by #Madhumitha in a interview n
If u feel Abhi deserves a apologies from this hateful lady Madhu
pls spread this tag
Stay strongWe are Always there for you

Cheran Army: #Madhumitha
madhu interview to slipper shot but she should avoid inner reference about #abhirami (that's what i always mention about her outspoken nature )
otherwise bang on interview , i will share my insight later #BiggBossTamil3

MSD7782: Despite everything, #Abhi doesn't utter one negative word about #Madhu while the latter continues to slut shame her fellow female contestants. #Abhirami is anyday, a better contestant and a better human. #BiggBossTamil3

Soundaryah P.Rajan: #BiggBossTamil3 I feel extremely furious for all the slutshaming comments on #abhirami rn!! All credits to the great tamizh penn #Madhumitha
Innoru penna asingapaduthi un niyaayatha soldre paarthiya, anggethaan nee evlo kevalamne terithu!!
Pen paavam unna summa vidaathu Madhu!

shae: I just have one question, will #Madhumitha be held responsible if #Abhirami harms herself in any way after this embarrassment? Even if what M says is true, 8 people harassed you while 2 stood for you. You just degraded a girl in front of the world, is that right? #BiggBossTamil3