There's barely ever a time when one of the Kardashian Jenners is not busy making headlines. This time it's Kylie Jenner who wears the crown for stirring yet another rumour of her alleged reunion with her ex,  Travis Scott.

For months now, there have been speculations about the two gettings back together. Just a couple of days ago Kylie had posted her daughter Stormi's birthday pictures. The 21-year-old mama was seen chilling and enjoying by the pool in a bikini. Travis too seemed to be present Stormi's birthday.

The $5000 accessory is a personal favourite of the Kardashian sisters

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has now left another hint on her Instagram account. Kylie posted a story of a fresh manicure. But despite a super cute and colourful manicure, one could not help but get fixated on the ring on her left hand's ring finger.

Now it is hard to say if the ring was an engagement ring or just something she picked up. Kylie and her sisters have always been a fan of the Cartier LOVE collection. In fact, the Kardashian Jenner sisters owned a stack of the brand's luxury editions. The $5000 accessory is a personal favourite of the Kardashian sisters. So, it could be that Kylie is after all only wearing something she likes.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

But it is hard to ignore the hide and seek that the couple has been playing with their fans. A while ago, a source close them had revealed that, "Kylie and Travis are still in the same space they have been in for the last few months. Trying to figure out co-parenting and trying to see if there is anything more there for them both romantically."

The source had also added, "It seems some days they want to be friends and parents and the next day they want to be more. They don't know really how much they want to take things and are dealing with the process day in and day out."

Guess we will have to wait and watch how things pan out!