Justin Bieber is once again in the middle of a controversy after a new report claims that besides getting on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez pregnant, the Canadian pop star is responsible for two other pregnancies as well.

The In Touch magazine report is based on the statements of an unidentified source, and it does not name the women that Bieber supposedly got pregnant.

The magazine also claims that Bieber nearly became a dad at 17, when Gomez became pregnant. However, she miscarried two months later, and Gomez' representatives have since denied the pregnancy.

Since his rise to fame in 2010, there have been two other pregnancies as well, adding that the news never became public as Bieber's team covered up the alleged pregnancies, reported In Touch.

"He just expects his team to handle it," the source told In Touch. "It's horrible," the source said, adding that the pregnancies were "dealt with" after they were investigated. The women were "taken care of financially" without ever coming into contact with Bieber, the report claims.

This is not the first time Bieber has been accused of getting women pregnant. In 2011, Mariah Yeater, who said she met Bieber at a concert and that they had sex backstage, claimed the pop star to be the father of her son, Trystan.

But she later dropped the paternity lawsuit that was filed against Bieber.

These pregnancy rumors come on the heels of another report that claims that Bieber has finally decided to commit to Gomez, and the duo are planning to buy a romantic getaway house together.

"Justin told her that he wants to eventually buy a house together," a source told HollywoodLife. "Like a getaway vacation house, maybe in Mexico."

Although this isn't the first time the two have considered moving in together, the report added that Bieber's bad boy ways always derailed their plans. But now, he wants to prove his unconditional love to Gomez by investing in a house together.

"Justin has told her that he's changing his ways and she totally supports him and feels like he's finally grown out of that bad boy phase," the source revealed. "So they are both in really healthy and positive place right now."

Gomez has also helped Bieber recommit to the Church, the report said.

"They have both praying together and you can tell what an impact this has been making on the both of them, especially Justin."