Soon after Josh Duggar publicly admitted to his porn addiction and cheating on his wife Anna Duggar, women, who have allegedly slept with him, have come out in public to talk about the "19 Kids and Counting" star's cheating ways.

After porn star Danica Dillon said she met up with Josh for multiple sexual encounters while his wife Anna was pregnant with their fourth child, another woman has come out saying she had unprotected sex with Josh, and that she feared she was pregnant with his child.

"All I was thinking was, 'Oh my God, I'm pregnant and carrying Josh Duggar's baby,'" the woman told In Touch, according to Radar Online. "He's a monster."

The woman, who has not been named in the report, said carrying Josh's baby would have been the worst thing that could happen to her. "I would never want to man who's a sexual predator to be the father of my baby," she said.

In the meantime, a family insider told the media outlet that Anna is being counselled against leaving Josh, who is currently seeking help for his problems.

Duggar family members are also reportedly blaming the mother-of-four for Josh's infidelities, which include maintaining an Ashley Madison account with the purpose of cheating on his wife, and sexual encounters with a porn star.

However, not everyone is taking Josh's side. Jessa Seewald, one of Josh's sexual molestation victims, has publicly sided with her father-in-law Michael Seewald, who has called Josh a pretender and a hypocrite.

"Go to and read the post on the Ashley Madison scandal," Jessa tweeted.

In a lengthy post, Michael stated that he sympathises with Josh's parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Anna and her four children. But "it distresses me to say that Josh Duggar's greatest sin is a byproduct of the sum total of his secretly sinful lifestyle. That is, that by his hypocrisy, he blasphemed the name of God. He claimed to be a Christian, but by his deeds he has suggested otherwise."