Brain fades are common at times we find ourselves running out of time and forgetting what we have to convey. Pakistan Prime Minister had a similar moment where he lost his train of thought in the middle of a live TV speech which was telecasted live to millions of people. 

Pak PM

Dawn reported, the Pakistan PM was talking about the political situation in the country that emerged after Wednesday's Senate elections in which the opposition managed to stage an upset. He lashed out at the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) for "making a mockery of democracy", while also calling out the ECP for "protecting those who made money by holding the Senate elections through a secret ballot.'

In his address, he said, "It is important to talk about it and explain it because the problems in our country can be understood through the kind of election that happened," 

The PM wondered what example was being set for the young population of Pakistan through the corrupt practices, citing leaked videos of alleged horse-trading being taken place ahead of the Senate polls. 

Yeh jo sare...bade bade... bade bade...kya hai... jo bhi hai

Amid all of this Imran Khan had a brain fade moment.  A video was posted on Twitter, which shows the Pak PM forgetting the sentence midway. "Yeh jo sare...bade bade... bade bade...kya hai... jo bhi hai," he says.