There are some individuals who are not to be messed with, So much so that, their reputation precedes for that matter. Bollywood has few but some notable celebrities who were known for this particular reason. Farah Naaz found herself in that list somehow.

In 1989, Farah Naaz appeared in Rakhwala with Anil Kapoor, while the movie didn't do well, it became a talking point for one reason. It's no secret that Farah Naaz never took anything lying down. When Anil Kapoor was eager to replace Farah Naaz with Madhuri Dixit in the film, Farah Naaz made sure that didn't happen and even threatened the pair.

Farah Naaz and Anil Kapoor

Farah Naaz threatened to beat Anil Kapoor

There are few actresses who could intimidate actors as Farah Naaz could. Farah had acted with some of the big names in the Bollywood industry in her time. Tabbu's elder sister was known more for her infamous behaviour rather than her performances. 

A few years ago, Rishi Kapoor had tweeted about Farah Naaz calling her 'eccentric' and even said that she would have been big if she had been more professional. The actress created an image of herself through some questionable actions like insulting Yash Chopra's wife Pamela Chopra, and slapping Chunky Pandey. 

In 1989, Farah Naaz was supposed to work in Rakhwala alongside Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor who was close to Madhuri Dixit at the time and had a good rapport with her was persistent with pushing Madhuri to take Farah's role and get Farah off the film. This angered Farah who felt she's being cheated.

Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor
Madhuri Dixit and Anil KapoorTwitter

The actress then lost her temper at Anil Kapoor and publicly shamed him threatening to beat him as well, according to a media report. Moreover, she had not spared Madhuri Dixit calling her out and even went to the media making claims about Madhuri and Anil Kapoor in interviews. Madhuri herself backed off from the film. 

After all that controversy, the film over which there were so much confusion and conflict failed to perform. It was a commercial and critical failure. So much for unhealthy competition.