Amid several speculations that the young Korean heartthrob and EXO member Baekhyun enhanced his looks with plastic surgery, an admirer of the singer has come up with photographic evidence defending the accusations.

The social media user uploaded several images of the Kpop star on the Korean micro-blogging site Pann. While some of the pictures highlighted the idol's facial features when he joined SM Entertainment, others focused on his current looks.

Comparing the photos of Baekhyun over the years, the uploader claimed that it would not have been possible for the singer to actively participate in the music group's training sections if he had gone under the knife. According to him, the healing of single eyelid and chin surgeries would have taken several weeks.

The post captured the attention of many social media users and they extended their support to the uploader through comments, according to Koreaboo.

The messages ranged from "You're trying so hard to clean this up.. But the malicious commenters reading this will continue to insist on it" to "I'm going to upvote this because the fact that they think he did surgery while a trainee it's so ridiculous that I don't have the strength to even counter it".

Earlier, EXO member D.O had found himself at the centre of controversy after netizens accused him of undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures.