Coronavirus (Covid-19) has sent a wave of distress and panic among people around the world. While Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries are severely impacted by the deadly virus, all efforts are being made to "flatten the curve." Even as the containment process is in play, reports about quarantined patients escaping the isolation are making the headlines. But there are some reports that are legit and some are merely creating panic among people.

Drinking Dettol to cure coronavirus

As the coronavirus fears swarm the entire world, a report made a shocking revelation about a delusional pastor's terrible act. A report in Kenya Today had reported last week that a South African pastor Rufus Phala of AK Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu, Limpopomade, made his followers drink Dettol in a bid to protect them against coronavirus. As a result, 59 were reported dead and four in critical condition.

Posts make claim that coronavirus can be killed by Dettol

The report also stated that the police officer investigating the incident said the pastor persuaded the followers to drink Dettol to fend off coronavirus.


Upon verification of the claim made by Kenya Today, there are some discrepancies in it. Firstly, the main image used by the paper is an old one. Then there is the lack of follow-up coverage by other reputed publications. Finally, the original report about the incident was deleted shortly after publication. OpIndia also reported that the report's authenticity could not be verified.

Coronavirus in India
Coronavirus in India

It is possible that an earlier incident involving the pastor is being traded off as a coronavirus episode. In 2016, pastor Phala made his followers drink Dettol to cure them of any ailments. He claimed that he consumed the antiseptic liquid first before giving it to his followers and also said that some of them had reported being healed after drinking the disinfectant.

But we know this for sure that consuming Dettol in no way can cure coronavirus and it can lead to serious health complications.