Chanyeol from South Korean record label SM Entertainment's popular boy band EXO was hurt by a water bottle on stage during EXO'luXion concert in Chengdu, China.

The 22-year-old was performing with his teammates when an object hit his leg. The object was thrown by one of the admirers attending the event, and it injured the star, who was in a lot of pain later, according to various Chinese media outlets.

Although it is still not clear whether the person threw the object in excitement or purposely to attack the K-Pop star. Group member Lay urged fans to be more careful in future.

"Please don't throw water bottles up on stage. Your oppas might get hurt by these actions," Koreaboo quoted the celeb.

The 23-year-old even told the followers of the band to treat them with more reasoning and respect so that incidents like this do not happen in future.

Several Chinese media outlets supported the boy band member and stated, "Such actions must not be permitted if fans truly love EXO and that overly-expressing their love must not be tolerated."

Meanwhile, Korean fans of the music group criticised Chinese admirers and expressed their concern for Chanyeol after videos and photos of the incident started doing the rounds on the Internet.

While one of the followers wrote, "I see Korean fans are normal but I see many unreasonable fans in China," another stated, "I'm worried and I hope Chanyeol is okay."

However, this is reportedly not the first time EXO members are being attacked by Chinese fans during their concerts. In March, team members Tao and Kai also sustained injuries after their performances, according to Kpopstarz.