"Step Up" actor Channing Tatum may quit the superhero film, "Gambit", soon. According to a report, the actor's deal with 20th Century Fox has almost fallen apart, leaving a void to be filled.

A source told The Wrap that the actor's representatives are constantly in touch with 20th Century Fox, but the source revealed that "something is up" and a breakthrough in the deal is perhaps looking bleak.

"The studio had been in the process of testing young actresses to star alongside Tatum, including Lea Seydoux, but insiders suggest that director Rupert Wyatt will soon have to find a new leading man," the report said.

Channing, who is also producing the film, will play the character of a thief, Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit. The character of the New Orleans' thief, who becomes a member of X-Men was played by Taylor Kitsch in "X-Men Origins: The Wolverine".

A few weeks ago, Channing appeared at Comic Con in San Diego to promote his film.

Reports suggest that the actor's sudden decision to quit could have something to do with another role that Channing wants. As of now, "Gambit" is set to release on 6 October 2016 and production for the film is scheduled to begin soon.

Channing's other film, "23 Jump Street", is also set for release next year.