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A still from Thor: Ragnarok trailerYouTube Screenshot

Thor: Ragnarok trailer was released last month and the new trailer gave a sneak peek into a different Marvel movie that awaits us this November. The new Thor preview introduced Hela, the villain of the movie.

But the biggest surprise or stunner from the movie was when fans watch Thor's hammer broken by Hela. While it was presumed that Thor has bid goodbye to Mjolnir for good in the Taika Waititi directorial, Avengers: Infinity War directors, The Russo Brothers, have teased the return of his beloved hammer in the Avengers sequel.

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Sharing a new picture from the behind-the-scenes of the Avengers sequel, the directors sent internet into a frenzy when they revealed that Mjolnir is back. The director duo posted a picture on their Instagram account featuring Thor's hammer with the caption: Worthy.

While Thor was nowhere to be seen in the frame, the hammer was held by a priest while Joe Russo seemed like he was explaining how the shot was going to be filmed. Other crew people in the picture looked like they were preparing to shoot the scene. The picture was taken at the Durham Cathedral, the same location used in the Harry Potter movies. Some parts of the Marvel movie are being shot there.


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With the one-word caption, there is not really any explanation about how the wrecked hammer (from the Thor trailer) reached Avengers: Infinity War timeline. Fans will have to wait and watch to understand how the two movies connect.

Thor: Ragnarok trailer shows Mjolnir crumble into pieces

The Avengers movie also intertwines Guardians of the Galaxy into the sequel. While most of the star cast has been actively involved and wrapping up their part in the movie, it appears that GotG actress Karen Gillan who plays the role of Nebula hasn't read the Avengers: Infinity War script.

A report by Omega Underground shared that Gillian revealed she hasn't seen her script for Avengers: Infinity War yet, but she did express her hopes that Nebula will be able to get the revenge she seeks on Thanos before the end, Screen Rant reports.

Nebula had previously confirmed that she has a role in both the Avengers sequel but her role will be limited.

Thor: Ragnarok will release on November 3 and Avengers: Infinity War releases on May 4, 2018.