• Diandra Soares
    Diandra SoaresDiandra Soares/Twitter
  • Diandra Soares
    Diandra SoaresDiandra Soares/Twitter

Diandra Soares, one of the popular faces in the "Bigg Boss 8" house, for her different hair-dos and alleged relationship with Gautam Gulati, has been the talk of the town ever since she appeared on the reality show.

The ex-contestant of the controversial show, hosted by Salman Khan, has opened upon her opinions through a live video chat on Colors website.

The channel had earlier asked the "Bigg Boss" fans to post their queries to Diandra on their website.

On Wednesday, the model came live to answer the questions of her fans:

Check Diandra's statements below:

Gautam is not a child and shouldn't deny what happened between us.

It is difficult to define a relationship that is in the early stages 

I wouldn't mind going inside the BB8 house again

'Don't judge a book by it's cover' - Diandra's message to Gautam's mother.

I feel 'always uninterested', Sonali Raut needs to wake-up

Upel Patel or Sonali Raut should have been evicted instead of me.

Clearing the air, I am not pregnant!

Kissing is not a crime and Gautam willingly kissed me.

When asked about her friendship with Karishma Tanna, she said:

'Nobody is perfect'

I undecided over giving another chance to Gautam after BB8.

BB8 housemates feel scared of being themselves.

Whatever I did in the Bigg Boss house, came from my heart.

Puneet's daughter's tweet about Karishma's late dad was 'below the belt'. 

I am happy with Gautam's huge fan-following.

'Nutella & Make-up' incident has been dragged on too long.

I shaved my head to prove girls can be beautiful without hair.

 Gautam's denial of our chemistry hurt me the most.