Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls will release in 2014.us.battle.net

Players can now know the profiles of the demons they will be facing in the upcoming game Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, after its developer posted character details.

A total of 10 new enemies were detailed on the official Diablo 3 blog, providing players with the glimpse of Westmarch, which is commanded by Malthael, the Angel of Death and the main enemy in the game. The location of Westmarch has been described as "the great martial and mercantile capital of the west."

This profile study is by Lorath Nahr, a soldier under Tyrael who has documented the behavior of these creatures.

Players will be fighting off these horror creatures at Westmarch, which is "a macabre combination of ghastly lieutenants and baleful constructs".  Malthael is known to use an item named Black Soulstone that can turn the dead spirits into enemies to stop the progress of players.  Below are the ten monstrous enemies.

Death Maiden: A maiden sect accompanied Urzael in his journey to find its master Malthael who had disappeared as he was tasked to bring back his master to the High Heavens.

Executioner: One of the most notorious criminals who was rallied out of the prisons and are known to have killed countless people without the feeling of remorse.

Exorcist: These were once the most spiritual warriors who were known for removing demonic souls. But since Malthael converted them, they have turned to "stripping of the souls" of whoever they meet.

Ghastly Seraph: The Seraph uses its magic to devour players where it traps others by making a bloated flesh to float above the ground and wrapping the victim tight with its tendrils.

Revenant Archer: These are archers who do not have any sight but they do not miss their target when the smell of a living thing reaches their nose.

Revenant Shield Guard: These were at one time the warriors guarding the King Justinian 4. They can be spotted with ornate armor and their shields are known to be very powerful.

Revenant Soldier: These too were corrupted by Malthael. Even though they are fleshless beings,  they are amor-clad.

Shadow of Death: These are known to stalk their victims and can be known only through their shadows. When they overpower a victim, there is loss of vision.  

Summoner of the Dead: If you are surrounded by reapers that do not die even when its cut know that it the Summoner of the Dead you are facing.

War Beast: Malthael's influence has worked even among the dogs of Westmarch, which was once the opposite of being wild and savage. War Beasts are known to hunt in packs.

Reaper of Souls was announced during Gamescom 2013 and will be including a new character class, the Crusader in the game. A new artisan called the Mystic will also be included.

The game will be available in 2014 for PC, Mac and PlayStation 4.