"Dhoom 3" poster
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The much-anticipated "Dhoom 3" teaser has finally been released on Wednesday.

The 1.37-minute long teaser of the action-packed film features a bare-backed Aamir Khan facing the Chicago skyline, as earlier revealed in the film's motion teaser.

The clean cut teaser has the superstar rendering a dialogue as a narration in a scene shows him bike-bourne and evading the police. One sequence shows Abhishek Bachchan aiming a gun at his target while dangling from a helicopter. And then there is his aide Uday Chopra on a fast bike.

The stellar moment is Katrina Kaif's first look in a sexy avatar with some rope work. Even though the shot is a brief one it leaves us craving for more.

While Aamir comes across as a fine criminal mastermind with an ability to dodge the police with his sliding-under the truck attempt but we would say we have seen this before.

The Vijay Krishna Arya-directed flick with its high-end stunts and adrenaline-packed chase scenes could not evoke what one would call an "absorbing" first look. 

Abhishek is the same bland cop with the helicopter act, while Uday continues his escapades on fast bikes when sleek cars would have been an inviting change.

The only striking features which come across the teaser are Aaamir's hat look, a thuggish entry but yet again we are reminded of Batman's Joker scene in which there is a glimpse of a mask-like logo at the 0.15 second of the teaser. Here, we should add that the motion poster of "Dhoom 3" was a copy of the "Batman" international poster.

Also, there is a lot of excitement with Katrina Kaif in the action-heist series.

The film is due for a release on 25 December, targetting the Christmas holiday spirit.