The "Dhoom 3" franchise has come up with an Arabic version of the song sung by Lebanese singer Naya.

The "Dhoom" song's Arabic version released a few days ago has a conservative approach even though it is in a different language.

Unlike Thai singer Tata Young's "Dhoom" version, which offered a sizzling video and appeared distinctly different from the Hindi title track, the Arabic version doesn't really offer anything unique.

Tata Young was seen in a sexy avatar as she danced with the three male leads of the movie, and even got down and dirty with John Abraham. To top it, the singer danced sensually and raised the bar giving the song all the rage it required.

However, the Arabic version features Katrina Kaif gyrating to sexy moves along with some shots of the 21-year-old singer performing on the recording studio.

While Tata Young's song was an interesting mix of the English and Hindi lyrics and thus appeared quite groovy, the Arabic version is purely language driven and attempts to strike no new chords.

Even though the Arabic version is soothing with Naya's vocals playing its spell, the song could have been explored and infused with a different treatment, providing a new version to the title track of the film.

The Arabic version of "Dhoom 3" is an attempt to grip the middle east audience as the film is expected to feature in the "Dubai Film Festival" in January.