Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif at the launch of music video of the title song, "Dhoom Machale Dhoom" from "Dhoom 3" [Varinder Chawla]Varinder Chawla

'Dhoom Machale Dhoom', the title track of "Dhoom 3" starring Katrina Kaif, has proved to be a damp squib, when compared to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's or even Esha Deol's earlier renditions.

Even Katrina could not save the latest track of "Dhoom 3"s. No doubt the actress looks every bit gorgeous and features in most of the shots of the song. But the "Dhoom" title tracks have been characterised by groovy music and matching stellar dance moves. And it can hardly be agreed that the new song has lived up to that stature.

Post the engaging "Dhoom 3' trailer, a similar reception was awaited for the film's track. But the song is nothing but Katrina gyrating to some sexy moves with absolutely no compelling dance moves. The music is dull, not gripping enough, and the lyrics do no good to the misfit track. When compared to "Dhoom 2" title track, it has confirmed our opinion that the new track has a gaping inability to connect.

Be it Aishwarya's eye-popping dance moves in "Crazy Kiya Re" or Hrithik Roshan's raw appeal and fluid street steps in the "Dhoom Again" song along with Ash, not once would one feel like going back in time, though the song was shot back in 2006. The "Dhoom 2" track was not just catchy but it came in a mixed pack, with an inherent appeal. 


Here we would also mention the series' first "Dhoom Machale" track, featuring Esha Deol. The song without doubt was a chartbuster but that hardly seems to be the case with the Katrina song. The song had presented a bold Esha for the first time and, to top it, there was a Tata Young English track of the same, which catered to the international feel to the "Dhoom" music.

Even Aamir Khan's strong presence has not done any wonders to the Katrina's "Dhoom Machale" song. The song by Aditi Singh Sharma, under the music direction of Pritam, gets convoluted with its average lyrics and sloppy beats. Unable to sync well, the video also gets montonous with Katrina only strutting around in busty outfits and dancing to abysmal moves.

The Last Word: "Dhoom 3" title track stands no match against its predecessors, either music wise or in terms of choreography. The only saving grace is the red-lipped Katrina in her sexy leather corset outfit.

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