The video titled "Plenty Wrong With Dhoom 3 in 8 Minutes Or So" has gone viral on the internet. While some viewers have been lauding the video and sharing it on various social media platforms, fans of Aamir Khan are evidently miffed with the footage.

The video talks about the blunders in the movie, but fails to understand that it is a fictitious story. The "Plenty Wrong With Dhoom 3 in 8 Minutes Or So" has so far recorded about 3.50 lakh hits on the YouTube.

Fans of Aamir Khan have defended the movie and, mistakes and claim that these blunders are quite common in Indian films. Here, we bring to you a few comments posted by them on YouTube.

Saj Irshad:
Most people said that they did'nt like dhoom3 for the action or stunts they only liked it because of the drama. The conflict between Sahir and Samar. 100 things you pointed out were'nt mistakes but plot holes there's a difference. Take care before taking a mistake out of the next movie or you will end up looking like an a***.

Bhavuk Mathur:
It doesn't matter even if you point 1000 mistakes.. this movie is the Highest Grossing movie of Bollywood ever..!!That's Indian audience for you #respect

Achint Karak:
There were mistakes in this movie but not all you showed, you must understand that it was a movie and somethings that showed in it for example bike converting to a jet-ski is not a mistake and if you guys think it was than the whole BATMAN series or JAMES BOND series were full of mistakes. If a Hollywood movie shows something we say WOW what a movie well thought and if Bollywood movie does that you say these all are bullshit and mistakes.

Kailash Suthar:
My dear friend, most of the movies like this one are purely fictitious and are meant to be enjoyed as they are. The moment you start scrutinising them or applying unnecessary logic, you wont enjoy them............. So apply logic in real life and let these movies be as it is. It's entertainment yaar, koi spacecraft toh nahi bana rahe na joh fail ho jayega......... :) Aur agar phir bhi mistakes nikalni hai toh un movies ki nikal jo market me flop hui ho so that the makers of the movies learn something from your valuable bug finding skills.....

RJ Rahul Sharma:
Firstly, it is really difficult to make anything like this, it takes hours of review, recording and then editing. please respect the hardwork put into it. they are providing us with an indian version of cinema sins I think that is a good idea.the talent you are questioning includes the effort to make this video, atleast consider that. :D

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