Dhe Chef Cooking Reality Show First Elimination
Dhe Chef Cooking Reality Show Second EliminationMazhavil Manoram/Facebook

After a tight competition, four more contestants of cooking reality show "Dhe Chef," aired on Mazhavil Manorama, were eliminated March 5.

Saturday's episode showed the second elimination round of the cookery show, which was launched by actor Dileep with 20 contestants Nov. 27. The contestants, who have been eliminated are Joison, Jabin, Jose and Navya. 

What happened on Saturday's episode?

The contestants with 'Dhe Star' were given an opportunity to give it back to the judges in order to enter the safe zone. Shameem, Anita and Natraj were not confident about their performance this schedule and gave their only 'Dhe Star' back to the judges. Later, the judges announced the top scorers of the second schedule of "Dhe Chef." Joshy, Indira, Mahima and have been ranked top with A grade, followed by Sreelakshmi, Heena and Lijo with B grade. Now, Mahima and Lijo have two 'Dhe Star' and Joshy, Indira, Asgar, Heena and Sreelakshmi have one 'Dhe Star' each.

Dilrupa, Joison, Jabin, Shaila and Jose were selected for the elimination task for which they were asked to prepare their favourite dish. The judges gave their individual scores without knowing who prepared the dishes.

However, the three judges were disappointed with the preparation of all the contestants in elimination task and said none of them could prepare their best dish. While Joison, Jabin, Jose and Navya were eliminated, Dilrupa and Shaila entered the safe zone. 

First Elimination

In the first schedule, Joshy was topped with 74 marks, followed by Indira (68 points) and Shameem and Ashgar (67 points). 

The show, which is similar to the popular cookery show MasterChef, tests the culinary skills of the contestants with many pressure tests, time restriction tasks along with twists in every rounds. "Dhe Chef" aired every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 8.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. on Mazhavil Manorama, is hosted by RJ Mathukutty and actress Jewel Mary and is being judged by Chef Pradeep, Amrit and Anjali. The winner of the show will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

Here is the score board of "Dhe Chef" contestants:

 Contestants Score
Indira A
Asgar A
Shameem B - Lost Dhe Star 
Anita C - But in safe zone
Nataraj C - But in safe zone 
Jose  C