Ajith vs Vijay
Ajith Kumar's Viswasam and Vijay's Bigil.PR Handout

Multifaceted producer Dr Dhananjayan has now been targeted by netizens for speaking about the gigantic success of Vijay's Diwali release Bigil and Ajith Kumar's Pongal release Viswasam.

Dr Dhananjayan, in an interview, shared detailed report on the collections made by Bigil across the states. He had claimed the Vijay-starrer to have minted Rs 300+ crore at the worldwide box office. The producer, although not linked to the Diwali release in anyway, stated the movie to have fetched Rs 80 crore share in Tamil Nadu.

In other words, Dr Dhananjayan claimed Bigil to be bigger hit than Viswasam, which did not go well with the fans of Ajith. They trolled him by calling names and accusing him of spreading wrong number.

To counter his argument, Dr Dhananjayan said that he has authentic numbers of Bigil collected from the distributors and the business made by Viswasam was exaggerated by its distributor KJR Studios, which had claimed the movie to have minted Rs 125 crore in just week.

"You don't know the facts. He didn't even distribute the film in Coimbatore & Trichy areas. So, how will he know total TN box office. It was totally exaggerated. So relax. Tomorrow #Valimai may beat this record & we will all Celebrate that too. [sic]" he argued with a fan.

Adding further, he wrote, "All those who are tagging & fighting on this, pl. ask Distributor @kjr_studios to post the exact share he had shown for TN to Producer. I said #Bigil crossed 80 crore share with details. If he can confirm his film earned more than that, I will celebrate it with @SathyaJyothi_ [sic]"

However, the debate intensified after KJR took objection to Dr Dhananjayan's comments. It hit out by saying one should do self analysis before commenting on others. "Aduthavan veetta etti paathu kutham solrathuku munnadi, thaan veedu seriyaa irukkaanu paakkanum Saar, we have been celebrating #Viswasam victory since January, ungaluku venumnaa neengalum vaanga, celebrate pannalam Our office doors are always open! Cheers! " it wrote.

Responding to KJR Studios' post, Dr Dhananjayan wrote, "I am waiting! Will appreciate/celebrate if you share the official Distributor share shown to @SathyaJyothi_ for TN areas Distributed by you, so that he will also be clear & settle his share of accounts, which I am told pending. Please confirm officially tagging @SathyaJyothi_ . [sic]"

He ended the argument by posting, "Very general reply than being specific with Distributor share numbers over which this debate is on. If you cannot counter with actual number, then let's not argue further . [sic]" However, KJR Studios did not post the actual numbers.

Vijay and Nayanthara's sports drama Bigil is directed by Atlee Kumar. AGS Entertainment made the film on the budget of Rs 180 crore.

Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara's Viswasam is a rural family entertainer about father-daughter relationship. The movie was funded by Sathya Jyothi Films.