The elder brother of producer Dhananjayan Govind has died of Covid-19. He was aged 59. His family members are now having a battle against the deadly pandemic.

Dhananjayan Govind's brother
Dhananjayan Govind's brother dies at 59.PR Handout

The Tamil producer himself announced the news of his elder brother's death on Twitter. He posted, "#coronavirus took away my dear elder brother. He was healthy, all of 59 & passed away in just 5 days of infection. His family (wife & son) are tested +Ve & under treatment. While many are coming out of it, few losing their lives. We are in a state of shock. Be safe friends [sic]"

Dhananjayan's Appeal
He then requested people to pray for his family members' speedy recovery. He wrote, "This tweet was posted to make you aware of the deadly pandemic & wishing you all a safe life. We are doing our best to protect my brother's family who're tested +Ve. Please pray for their speedy recovery. Take care of yourself & your family friends. Just don't step out for now. [sic]

He emotionally appealed to his social media followers to stay safe and wrote, "My family is hit badly by #coronavirus friends. Don't wish to scare you, but wish to caution you. The virus is spreading fast & is taking away precious lives. Be aware, be at home, don't step out, practice Social Distance, wash your hands regularly, strengthen immunity. Big spike. [sic]"

Tamil Nadu has been one of the worst-hit states in India in terms of deaths due to Covid-19. The total number of cases has crossed 70,000-mark.