Dhaka, Dec 10 (ANI): A photo exhibition depicting the atrocities committed during the Liberation War of 1971 is being held in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. Titled '1971 Genocide and Tortures', the exhibition has been organised by Bangladesh National Museum and Genocide and Torture Archive and Museum Trust as the nation observes December as the month of Liberation. The eight-day exhibition aims to illustrate the torture the people of the country were subjected to. It also offers a glimpse into the past to the young generation and helps them learn about the freedom struggle of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, a visitor Fatema Mamun, said the photos at the exhibition reminded her of the days when she lived in constant fear. On display at the exhibition were numerous paintings, photographs, sketches and replicas of artworks by eminent artists of the country to portray the heinous and inhuman torture committed by the Pakistani occupation army and the level of horror faced by the people.