Lifetime will air season 3 episode 10 of "Devious Maids", and with it, Cameron's web of lies will be unravelled. As the season finale is inching closer, "Whiplash" will unleash all the drama that has to go down before the Blanca and Louie Becker's murder.

Rosie (Dania Ramirez), who has from the start believed in foul-play when it came to the murder of her friend Blanca (Naya Rivera), finally stumbles upon a shocking truth that gives her claims some ground. In the promo clip Rosie is seen spying, and hopefully it paid off, because her suspicions about Taylor (Brianna Brown) confirmed in "Whiplash".

Carmen's (Roselyn Sanchez) will also have to face the music after all the lies she has weaved, especially after Zoila (Judy Reyes) starts figuring it out.

In the previous episode, a distraught Jacklun (Michelle Hurd) poured her heart out to her, especially regarding her cheating husband Sebastien (Giles Marini). However, unbeknownst to her, Carmen is one among many women he is having an affair with. After her emotional outpouring Jacklyn kisses Carmen, giving Sebastian a solid reason for divorce, and take a huge lump of money from his rich wife.

Meanwhile Zoila is engaged in a tough competition with Joy (Joy Osmanski) to prove that she is a better maid.

Watch out for season 3 episode 10 of "Devious Maids" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 3 August. You can also watch it live via My Lifetime.