Actor Dev Dutt has emerged as a breakout talent in the last few years. The actor who was seen in projects like Janiva, Crackdown and Step-out; is all geared up for Hey Prabhu 2. The webseries also stars Udaan fame Rajat Barmecha. And the quirky yet interesting plot revolves around premature ejaculation.

International Business Times India got in touch with the actor to talk about shows on men's sexual wellness, his upcoming shows, what sells on small screen and more. 

Dev Dutt
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Tell us about your role in Hey Prabhu 2. How was it working with Rajat Barmecha?

I play the main antagonist of the show. My character name is Charminaar. The best part I like about this is that, I was there in the first season just for one scene. From just one scene I got to play the main villain is proof that anything can happen in this industry. Charminaar's main job is to make Rajat's (Tarun Prabhu) life miserable in the show. People have been hating my character which I take as a big compliment! Working with Rajat was fun! He is a chilled out straight up guy.

People are going to draw parallels from Ayushmann Khurrana's Shubh Mangal Saavdhan owing to the same angle?

Well its high time people start talking and discussing about issues related to sex, or even sex for that matter. Sex is considered a taboo in our country, and the irony of that is we are one of the highest populated country in the world! Thanks to cinema and content online, more and more people are being open to the fact that it is normal and consulting for issues related to it is also normal.

Were there any inhibitions during taking up a role in the webseries that's based around men's sexual well being?

Not really! I really wish we as a country move ahead of such petty issues. I believe, if I can expect to see a change, I also need to be the change. When it comes to working for a project, it needs to be realistic enough! I am not a fan of those fantasy shows where there is nothing but sex in it. Just because sex sells, doesn't mean you over do it.

Tell us about your journey and your initial struggle

From working in a call centre to working in getting a break in a big movie like Janniva, my journey is like a roller coaster ride. Every actor who comes to Mumbai has his own story and so I have. I moved out of my house when I started, used to live in Malad, travel by bus for auditions, eat dinner at friend's house because of less money and many times had to wait in lines for just giving an audition for a minute's role. The biggest part of it was to not get let down by all of the obstacles and again start very fresh on the next day. To be honest, I am proud of every part of my journey.

Lately there is this trend that you need to have a good following on social media to be considered for the part. What is your take on it?

I won't say it's unfair because the producers are just looking to get the most value out of the person the cast for the project. But there are times where you see who they took instead of you and the kind of job that person is doing and it makes you feel bad. Following does not make you a good actor! I have lost a few projects because of that.

Your experience in front of the camera for the first time

It was really good and a lot of fun. The whole atmosphere was different. The lights, camera, the crew everything was there - that I ever dreamt of. So, I was really happy that day as my effort was being rewarded.