Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – How to stop and kill Marchenko to progress to Mission 17
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The most expected action-cum-stealth game, "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," has finally been released to gamers owning Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows PCs across the world. As the various in-game aspects of "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" get slowly decoded by gamers, it is only natural for players to look for tips along with cheat codes, which can be used to unlock maximum points and thereby complete achievements easily.

With in-game tricks, tips and cheat codes being the criteria, renowned game tipsters (via YouTube) have come up with a list of tips and cheats that may be worth checking out for users of Microsoft Xbox One consoles:

Tips, tricks and cheats to unlock achievements and points in "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," on Xbox One:

1. Invisible War: Worth 15 points. Remain cloaked and ensure that the enemy, while being cloaked, is incapacitated.

2. Ground Mail was a better option: Worth 10 points. Resort to remote hacking and effectively disable a drone without committing errors.

3. ***!Taser Fist: Worth 10 points. Effectively command and deploy the Quad Arc upgrade of Tesla Knuckle by Locking On. This can be deployed simultaneously on as many as four enemy parties.

4.All in the Family: Worth 15 points. Aid Otar when he seeks your assistance in his specific family issue.

5. Data Disciple: Worth 15 points. This can be unlocked by finishing all the servers in the Tier-1 network.

6. Data Detective: Worth 15 points. Can be unlocked by completing a Darknet.

7. Fresh Out of the Package: Worth 15 points. Avail help from Koller and assistance from the Neuroplasticity Calibrator, to finish overclocking for experimental augs.

8. We are Human Beings: Worth 30 points. Complete "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" with varying levels of difficulty.

9. Pacifist: Worth 90 points. Can be unlocked upon completion of "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" without resorting to any killing.

10. Foxiest of the Hounds: Worth 90 points. Is automatically unlocked when absolutely no alarms are activated during gameplay.

11. I Never Asked For This: Worth 50 points. Finish "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" by playing at the highest level of difficulty.

12. Ghost: Worth 15 points.Ensure that you navigate through enemy camp without inciting hostile reactions from enemies.

13. Singh No Swan Song: Worth 15 points. Watch Singh's back during critical junctures.

14. Honor Holds Us All Together: Worth 20 points. Beat Otar Botkoveli in the debate.

15. God Killer: Worth 20 points. Finish the debate and beat Allison Stanek.

16. The Golden Rookery: Worth 10 points. Retrieve the Gold Penguin that is reported to be missing.

17. Core Driller: Worth15 points. Can be unlocked by breaching a large area of GARM, with an Ice Drill.

18. The jack of All Augments: Worth 30 points. Make an investment in one augmentation in each branch at the Aug Tree.

19. The Invincible Body: Worth 10 points. Use the Titan Shield and fend off an explosive (launched by enemy),

How to unlock secret achievements

Follow the tricks given below to unlock specific secret achievements.

  1. Cult of Personality: Worth 15 points. Find out how Richard obtains his persuasive powers, and destroy him and free the stuck followers.
  2. K is for Kazdy: Worth 15 points. Aid in rescuing Bones and K from jail, and take them to safety.
  3. Samizdat: Worth 15 points. Work in tandem with Samizdat syndicate and ensure publicity for the group via the Picus media streams.
  4. The Harvester: Worth 15 points. Converse with Detective Montag and change his perception about Radko and Gunn being murderers.
  5. He's [Not] Dead, Jim: Worth 20 points. Save Jim Miller from dying, by effectively finding and utilising Antidote.

"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" can be checked out only in the single-player mode. No multiplayer option is available at this point in time.