Deus Ex
Could we see similar tech in medicine one day?

A few scientists in France are on the verge of something huge. And somehow, the base of their work has been compared to what some of us saw back in the day with Deus Ex. The idea revolves around cyborg implants, which in the real world, could help the paralysed walk once more.

Already being considered as one of the most "groundbreaking" achievements so far, the new cyborg-styled implants are said to offer paralysed patients a new hope. The research was further boosted after rats suffering from similar spinal injuries were once again able to walk with the help of the tech.

Reportedly, scientists have implanted a thin strip, fitted with electrodes along the spinal cord for delivering the required electrical impulses. Researchers believe that the technology would be ready for human trial within a few years.

"Our e-Dura implant can remain for a long period of time on the spinal cord or the cortex, precisely because it has the same mechanical properties as the dura mater itself," said study co-author and EPFL Bertarelli Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology, St├ęphanie Lacour, as reported by IGN.

The implant and the electrodes are made of silicon while the gold electronic conductor tracks in the implant and the platinum micro-beads in the electrodes allow patients to bend in any direction.

"This opens up new therapeutic possibilities for patients suffering from neurological trauma or disorders, particularly individuals who have become paralysed following spinal cord injury," Lacour added.

Researchers believe that the technology can be further used to treat epilepsy and Parkinson's disease besides paralysis. We keep our fingers crossed!