Just a few days ago, the world was serenaded with news that David Simon was ordered a pilot by HBO. Presumably, this news was a happy one for fans of visceral shows like "The Wire", which Simon created. In addition to HBO's long standing love for Simon, the news also enlightened that James Franco would take on the role of the Janesy brothers -- the twins who headed a mob during the 1970s-1980s in New York City.

Simon's new show, "The Deuce" is based on the city's gristly prostitution and cocaine legacy. And this is why Simon hesitated to take on a project that appeared as a "porn show" to him.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Simon said, "I don't wanna make a porn show. ... I'm married with kids and lawn furniture. I don't want to go there, man. That's dark."

Simon revealed that the inspiration and plotline for "The Deuce" came from one of his "Treame" location managers. The manager told Simon and his partner, George Pelecanos, about a man who was part of the mob scene in the 1970s in New York City.

After several sessions of persuasion, Simon and Pelecanos met with presumably one of the Janesy brothers. "When he and his stories were indeed fascinating, the pair decided to continue exploring that world," Hollywood Reporter claimed.

The series explores the late 70s and mid 80s in New York City. The show is simply named after 42nd street, which was famously known as the deuce in the 70s. Why? Because 42nd street, between 7th and 8th Avenue was a haven for prostitution, drugs, sex and crime. New Yorkers in the 70s actually stayed away from this stretch.

The last time Simon's macabre story was set in crime ridden streets of Baltimore, "The Wire" became a huge hit on TV. Hence, it's equally fascinating to know what crimes foreground his new show, "The Deuce."

According to Simon, it would be the porn industry which was legalised around that time. He told Hollywood Reporter, "You really have to land it in such a way where it's a story about people and it's a story about markets — about the moment where something became legal and profitable and what happens to people in that environment when markets prevail."

Perhaps the show will also depict the sex wars of 1970s, in which anti-prostitution feminists often collided with women who accepted prostitution as a form of sexual liberation and expression. 

Reports suggest that the pilot has been scripted by Simon and his partner, Pelecanos. The script for the rest of the episodes will be penned by Richard Price. 

The series will be directed by Michelle McLaren, who will also serve as executive producer, along with Franco and Nina K Noble.