If there is indeed a soul who has been indifferent to Destiny until now, he will surely find the upcoming House of Wolves DLC interesting. The DLC has been detailed via several Twitch live streams over the last few weeks. And as it seems, the DLC is set to live up to the hype created in the first place.

Destiny has seen its fan base rise in the last year or so, with more players beginning to associate themselves with Bungie's latest. However, one of the growing criticism about the game is its lack of a good storyline. And that is what the developer is now trying to address.

With the Prison of Elders reveal for the House of Wolves DLC now out of the way, Bungie was recently in an interview with Gamespot where the company made public the idea that it is now looking to bring an in-game storyline to the players that they will be able to relate to.

According to Bungie's creative director Matt Sammons, House of Wolves will have a story to tell in multiple ways. "From a high-level perspective, there are two big categories of content that you get in a story. There are the quests that take you throughout the world, the backbone of the story that has you chasing down Skolas," he said.

"And then there are these wanted Fallen bounties. You'll notice when you're roaming around the world, we have specific named enemies all over the place, and among various destinations. Petra's bounties, not the quests, but the bounties, those are meant to send you out to go hunt those Fallen down," Sammons added.

However, Sammons wasn't the only one present to discuss the game's evolving storyline. Lead designer Christopher Barrett elaborated, saying: "We absolutely want to sell that idea, give players that fantasy of hunting down bad guys, killing them, getting lots of loot, that real bounty hunter kind of feel of the 'Pirates of the Reef.' That outlaw feel."

Sammons wants House of Wolves to have a "coherent, clear, thematically consistent story." It will not only be told through the dialogue and narration of story missions, but also by more "compelling and interesting characters."

"You'll meet Petra and Variks; the Fallen characters will be your guides through the missions. There's some really interesting interactions that we get to have because Variks can speak Fallen, so you get to translate some of the stuff that the enemies are saying. You get a little bit of a deeper lore of the Fallen through that," Samson added.

Apart from that, Sammons also called the newly crafted storyline an "evolution," compared to the previous Dark Below expansion.

"We looked at what the Dark Below accomplished in terms of story, how that involved the Destiny formula. We really liked Eris Morn, and the voice that she gave to the Guardians struggle against the Hive, and talking a little bit more about the Hive in depth.

"We looked at that and said, 'What would be the next step past that?' Having two characters with different perspectives that can talk to one another mid-mission. Variks understands the story a little bit better, and Petra understands the Awoken side. We just think that fleshes out the world," he added.

Destiny's House of Wolves DLC will be released on 19 May.