Destiny: Xûr, Agent of the Nine
Destiny: Xûr, Agent of the NineYouTube

It hasn't been long since Bungie came down hard on Xur, Agent of the Nine, everyone's favourite miner, for the kind of amazing in-game gear he was selling to players. While that came as a major disappointment to most, it seems like Xur is back in the hunt to offer new stuff for the weekend starting 3 April, with Xur being present there till 5 April.

Compared to what he usually carries for players, it might seem like the latest gear has lost some of its shine and may not attract many. Nonetheless, along with the Exotic rocket launcher Dragon's Breath (available for 17 Strange Coins), Xur is also offering a number of things for players this weekend.

This includes the Glasshouse (Exotic Titan helm), Don't Touch Me (Exotic Hunter gloves) and Sunbreakers (Exotic Warlock gloves), all of which are available for 13 Strange Coins. Note that there's no heavy ammo this week, although you could pick up an Exotic Chest Engram for 23 Motes of Light.

As always, you will find Xur near the Vanguard Quartermasters under the bounty exchange. Just run straight ahead, down the stairs, and right into the Vanguard war room. He should be on your right side. Each Friday, 'Xur agent of the nine' comes to the Destiny social hub bringing along exotic goodies in exchange for Strange Coins (SC) and Moats of Light (ML).

The full list of Exotic Upgrades also includes Bad Juju, Achlyophage Symbiote, Crest of Alpha Lupi and much more. However, remember that you'll need an Exotic Shard and 7000 to 8000 Glimmer to upgrade your gear.

Check here for the full list of Xur's inventory for this weekend.