Destiny was released on 9 September, 2014.Facebook

We are back with more information about what Xur – everybody's favourite Destiny-based exotic items vendor – is dealing this week. Xur can now be found in the Tower with a fresh inventory. Note that Xur is available till 3 May, 1 AM PST, and you can find him near the Vanguard Quartermaster.

For Xur's updated inventory for the current week, it seems like he is packing a highly sought-after Exotic Warlock chest with Heart of the Praxic Fire as the main attraction.

Heart of the Praxic Fire costs 13 Strange Coins. This new chest piece will successfully reduce the cool-down of all abilities, while Radiance remains active. Moreover, when combined with the Sunsinger's bonus for increasing the length of Radiance, it will now be possible to toss grenades more often, dealing a good amount of damage.

Other such exotic gears on offer from Xur include Ruin Wings (Exotic Titan gloves) and Don't Touch Me (Exotic Hunter gloves) for 13 Strange Coins each, although you have to invest in the Exotic Gauntlet Engrams for 23 Motes of Light in the first place.

Besides, Hard Light, an Exotic auto rifle, is also available for 23 Strange Coins, "but given all the nerfs and the generally low impact of the gun, it's not worth the trouble," writes Gamingbolt.

Apart from Xur's return to the Tower, the other big Destiny-based revelation fans are waiting for is the upcoming House of Wolves DLC for the game. After House of Wolves, Xur will no longer be a source to upgrade weapons.