Destiny's Xur is back for the weekend
Destiny's Xur is back for the

Destiny's universally-loved exotic items dealer Xur is back for the weekend with more new stuff to deal in exchange for Strange Coins. Xur, Agent of the Nine, for this weekend, is carrying a new range of exotics for Guardians and can be found at the black gate near the Speaker. He'll be present there till 10 May, 1 am PST.

This time around, Xur is carrying the exotic heavy machine gun Thunderlord, available for 17 Strange Coins. Thunderlord is one of the best heavy exotic weapons in the game, only next to Gjallarhorn, as it can carry 180 rounds (60 rounds in a magazine).

The weapon fires faster the longer you hold the trigger and is even known to chain lightning together between enemies. Aside from the Thunderlord causing Arc damage, it also looks pretty awesome.

Other exotic items include Obsidian Mind – an Exotic Warlock helm for Voidwalkers. There's also the ATS/8 Arachnid (another exotic helm for Hunters) and Ruin Wings (exotic Titan gloves), each available for 13 Strange Coins.

Apart from this, you can also pick up an exotic Shard for 7 Strange Coins, 5 packs of Heavy Ammo Synths for 1 Strange Coin, and exotic Helm Engrams for 23 Motes of Light.

Check out the official Reddit post on the items Xur is dealing this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates.

[Source: Gamingbolt]