For the last few weeks, Xur -- our favourite Agent of the Nine -- has been dealing some less than satisfactory items and weapons. However, as it seems, Destiny's Exotic vendor is back in the tower with some new items that fans can acquire for a sufficient amount of Strange Coins.

For the week, the tentacle-faced dealer is packing the highly-wanted Bones of Eao – Exotic Hunter boots that were introduced in House of Wolves. These boots have the power to bestow an extra jump feature to the wearer. The boots can be acquired for 13 Strange Coins.

For other classes, there are the likes of the Eternal Warrior (Exotic Titan helm) and Voidfang Vestments (Exotic Warlock chest) that are also available for 13 Strange Coins each. Apart from these, there's this week's Exotic weapon, The Last Word.

The Last Word is a fully automatic hand cannon and can prove to be your best bet when in Crucible. The Last Word can be purchased for 13 Strange Coins.

Other items that can be purchased include Exotic Shards for 7 Strange Coins and an Exotic Chest engram for 23 Motes of Light.

As usual, you will find Xur in the Tower, at the platform near the Speaker close to the big black gate. Also, note that he will remain there until 2 am PDT, 9 August.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Gamingbolt]