Xur – Agent of the Nine – the beloved weapons and exotic dealer in the world of Destiny may not have offered any Exotic Weapon last week, but he is seeking to make up for that with a revamped inventory this week – although not many will be particularly thrilled by what's on offer.

As far as a quick recap is concerned, last week, the Agent of the Nine brought Celestial Nighthawk for the first time, which would have made even the most serious Hunter jump with joy, provided they are looking for a new exotic helmet.

The previous week both Titans and Warlocks were treated to a number of House of Wolves gear. However, last week was probably the most disappointing of all since players couldn't even buy a new exotic gun. And as it seems, this week's selection doesn't have much to offer as well.

For the week, nonetheless, Xur is offering The Armamentarium (an Exotic Titan chest), Young Ahamkara's Spine – Exotic Hunter gloves and Starfire Protocol (Exotic Warlock chest), each for which is available for 13 Strange Coins.

But as we mentioned earlier, these armour pieces have already been on sale multiple times, and fans, apart from the newbies, won't really dig into them much. So yeah! Another weekend with Xur's 'special' inventory that's as exciting as watching paint dry.

However, apart from that, there's also the Exotic sniper rifle Patience & Time that's available for 17 Strange Coins. In case you didn't know, it's an excellent sniper rifle, especially if you don't have one that's meant for Strikes with Arc Burn.

So as we mentioned, Xur's overall stock for the week isn't something to look out for, for hardcore players. On the contrary, if you've just started playing Destiny, then it's worth a peek.

As usual, you will find Xur near the large door across from the Speaker in the Tower. He will remain there till 2am PDT on 26 July.

[Source: Gamingbolt]