Destiny's The Taken King expansion arrives later this year
Destiny's The Taken King expansion arrives later this year

Now that Destiny's recently-released House of Wolves DLC is out of the way, Bungie has officially taken the lid off its upcoming The Taken King DLC for the game. This will only be the game's third expansion, after The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

As revealed at this year's E3, The Taken King expansion for Destiny is currently set for a 15 September release. The expansion will be bringing an additional portion to the game's single player campaign where Guardians will look to kill Oryx, while boarding that Dreadnought.

But that's not even our main concern. With the announcement of the new DLC, what got us most excited was the introduction of three new subclasses for Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. And if you are looking to know more about them, here's a detailed breakdown of the new subclasses.

Destiny The Taken King – Subclasses Breakdown

Hunter – Nightstalker

  • The biggest strength of a Nightstalker is that it can torment its enemies with the Shadowshot, a super that binds the enemies to a Void Anchor. The idea here is to slow down the movement of the enemy for the fireteam to counter.
  • With the Nightstalker, you can mix up the abilities with a Voidwall Grenade. The resulting explosion creates a horizontal wall of Void Light for enemies to deal with.
  • The Nightstalker can also unleash Smoke to leave its enemies bewildered. If you want, you could combine that with Shadestep to teleport to a different location, away from the enemy fire.

Titan – Sunbreaker

  • The Titan Sunbreaker has the advantage of the power of fire at his or her disposal, enough to deal quite the damage. The subclass super here is the Hammer of Sol, which is a blazing hammer that will take out multiple enemies at any given time.
  • Sunbreaker also has access to the Thermite Grenade. On deploying, the explosion creates a sort of line of fire that will then travel straight towards the intended target.
  • Apart from that, this subclass also has the advantage of the Sunstrike and Fire Keeper. While the Sunstrike sets enemies on fire with solar power, Fire Keeper increases the duration of the Hammer of Sol super.

Warlock – Stormcaller

  • The Stormcaller subclass is known for their ability to bend Arc energy at will. This subclasses comes with the Stormtrance super that will allow players to fire Arc-Lightning from their hands. Moreover, there's also the Strom Grenade that produces a lightning storm.
  • This subclass also boasts Thunderstrike, which when combined with a melee attack, will electrocute enemies from a distance. Lastly, this subclass also has the power of Perpetual Charge that recharges the player's melee attack whenever a grenade kill is scored.

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[Source: Prima Games]