Destiny's The Taken King DLC is coming this September
Destiny's The Taken King DLC went live on 15 September.YouTube

Developer Bungie released Destiny: The Taken King DLC on 15 September, 2015, and the expansion is currently live on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Some players have complained about issues that have sprung up following its release, and the major one that was highlighted is the issue where players were unable to play the new content or check its cinematic trailer. When they try to do this, they are confronted with an error message that reads, "Requires Taken King".

To avoid this issue, fans have found some fixes that have been listen below via Gamepur,:

Fix for "Requires Taken King" issue on Xbox One:

Fix 1: "Go to the market find the bundle you bought go to each one and hit install, it should say it is ready to play after. Do it for everything. This should fix it."

Fix 2: Change Xbox Live Region to US, it will fix this issue

Fix for "Requires Taken King" issue on PS4:

Restore licenses. This will fix this issue. To do this, go to Main menu > Settings > Playstation Network > Restore Licenses.

Bungie Warns of 'Veteran's Tour' Quest Bug

The release of Destiny: The Taken King has not gone down as smoothly as it was hoped. Some issues have cropped up and Bungie is keeping a track of it.

There is a bug that halts the progress of players beyond 'Veteran's Tour' quest. The second step in the quest is the 'Talk to Eva Lavante,' but players who have already collected their Year One VIP rewards will not be able to do this.

Bungie noted in its post that, "the shader reward cannot be accepted, and attempting to select the reward will show 'Can only hold one at a time.'"

It also suggested what players can do in order to complete the 'Veteran's Tour' quest. It suggested players to delete/discard the below items from the inventory if they want to accept rewards.

  • "The Old Guard" Shader
  • "Be Brave" Emblem
  • "S-34 Ravensteel" Sparrow

It also apologised for the confusion or inconvenience that was caused due to these bugs.

Destiny: The Taken King DLC Guides

Below is a guide to unlock The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun following the completion of the special Jolly Holiday quest.

Gamepur noted that in order to get these quests, players will have to speak to Amanda Holliday following the completion of the main 'Destiny: The Taken King' quest. Below is a guide it provided:

Step 1: Get kills in the crucible while having The Last Word equipped.

  • You do not have to get kills with The Last Word. Usage of supers, grenades, heavy weapons and special weapons is suggested.
  • Normal Kills grant you 1%
  • Headshot Kills grant you 2%
  • Death will lose you 2%
  • Killstreaks lead to bonus points.
  • You need 100% to complete this part of the quest.
  • I was on 99% and it took like 4 kills from there to 100%
  • My advice is to utilize supers, heavy and special ammo. Play it safe, hang back then charge in with heavy/super.
  • Play objective based games, so people aren't only focusing on killing you.

Step 2:

Speak to Amanda Holliday

Step 3:

Purchase a 'Generous Donation' from the cryptarch (This costs 15,000 Glimmer)

Step 4:

Speak to Amanda Holliday

Step 5:

Use a shotgun to kill enemies in the Crucible and high-level minions of the Darkness

  • Yellow bar enemies on Earth Patrol does not work
  • Yellow bar enemies on the 240 Light Daily Heroic do work however
  • You can farm the Tortured Knight from the 240 Light Daily Heroic mission for 6% each kill
  • Crucible Kills grant 3% per kill
  • Dying in Crucible does not lose any points
  • Universal Remote kills DO count towards the quest

Step 6:

Use a shotgun to kill each of the Shield Brothers on the Dreadnaught

  • Strike is recommended 290 Light.
  • Requires a minimum of 250 Light to start.
  • Not sure if you can do it on the 260 Light Strike playlist

Step 6 is the same as Step 1 but with shotguns, and the availability to kill minions of the darkness instead. Redditor Axysial noted, "My first try to get renown for this weapon was to farm the Major Cabal in the Exclusion zone heroic difficulty, as I was already light 244. This only gave 1/3 of a single percent per kill however."

Step 7:

Once your Renown with shotguns reaches 100%, Amanda Holliday calls you back to the tower once again

Step 8:

Following your talk with Amanda Holiday, players will be given the quest that will need them to kill Shield brothers, Valus Mau'ual and Valus Tlu'urn, on the dreadnaught.

Guide to Unlock Destiny Sword with 'A Broken Will' quest

As many players have been found searching for sword in Destiny: The Taken King, below is a guide to help players unlock 'A Broken Will' quest in Destiny, courtesy Product Reviews.

In order to unlock this, players will need to finish the main quests. Once these are completed, it will unlock additional quests from Eris Morn.

One of these quests requires players to get 5 Calcified Fragments in Destiny. And after this, players will be given A Broken Will quest from Eris Morn. This is what is needed for the sword.

Players will have to hunt items for Lord Shaxx, like 10 Motes of Light and 25 Hadium Flakes. Hadium Flakes are the new consumable item that is located inside the chest on Dreadnaught.

Players will have to go and check every chest, and each chest will only have one Hadium Flake.

After having completed this stage, players need to head to Lord Shaxx, where you can now opt for any of the three legendary swords -- the Arc Edge, the Soul Edge and the Void Edge.

Note that players will need additional materials in order to pick any of the above weapons. These additional materials that are needed include 25 Spinmetal for Arc Edge, 25 Helium Filaments for Soul Edge and Relic Iron in the event the player is opting for the Void Edge.

After getting these items, players must present it and make the sword theirs.