Destiny fans may be currently knee deep into the previously released House of Wolves DLC, but all that will change as soon as the upcoming The Taken King DLC comes around. There's been a lot that has been said and written about the new DLC, followed by a sneak reveal recently.

While The Taken King DLC was already in the news for many reasons, including new additions and changes to the in-game exotics and updated maps, it seems there's more to come, as revealed by Game Informer, which made the expansion its cover story for the month.

According to the report, it seems the upcoming The Taken King DLC will look to restructure and streamline a number of aspects for Destiny's current economy, especially the entire currency system as well as materials that may be holding back many players' inventories.

The report states that Vanguard and Crucible marks have now been scrapped. Instead, players will earn one unified currency – Legendary Marks – from both Crucible and co-op activities such as strikes. This may not be that big a deal for many, but for players who preferred one of the other, it is a big change.

Apart from that, armour materials such as Sapphire Wire, Hadronic Essences and Plasteel Plating are said to be combined into one non-specific armour equipment material. This could be helpful for players who spend more time on one class, compared to others.

But that's not all. It seems with the arrival of The Taken King, there will be some major changes, as far as Xur or favourite black market weapons and exotics dealer is concerned. For The Taken King, Xur, Agent of the Nine, is looking to extend his services beyond whatever he deals normally.

Via an exclusive Game Informer feature with Bungie, it has been learned that following the release of The Taken King, Xur will be selling a new item called Three of Coins. Three of Coins is basically a one-time consumable item that aims at increasing the chance of getting an exotic drop from the next boss kill.

While it remains to be seen how reliable this new item will be, the new item might just give an added bonus to the Guardians on different grounds, allowing more and more new players to join the game. But more details are expected for the DLC in the coming weeks.

Destiny's The Taken King DLC will be released on 15 September, 2015 for all supported consoles and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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