Are you playing Destiny's recently-released The Taken King DLC like there's no tomorrow? Well, don't worry since we have all jumped on to that bandwagon, and are proudly part of the crazy journey. The Taken King is addictive, to say the least, and there's a lot to do and find in it as compared to the previously released House of Wolves expansion.

There's a lot being said and written about the new DLC every day and today, we are focusing on the secret room found in King's Fall raid that everyone is talking about. And, if you haven't located this so-called secret room in the King's Fall raid, here's a guide that will direct you to the same.

Destiny The Taken King – Locate Secret Room in King's Fall

The "secret room" was found recently via some data miners in the game who were scouring every small bit of the game in search of something new. They discovered a secret mechanism that worked with glowing spikes.

At first, the players were confused and didn't have any idea as to how spikes would react. But react they did, and then some. Apparently, one fireteam discovered that if you lit the spikes in a certain order -- either 165243 or 416523 -- a piston would activate.

Following that, the team used the piston to launch across the chasm of that certain puzzle and into a new, unknown room. Upon entering the room, the fireteam discovered what appears to be a puzzle room consisting of a relic, six-air lift pads and a statue placed against the far wall. Apart from that, no one knows how the puzzle works, or even whether if it's actually a puzzle.

The reports have claimed that dunking the relic charges up a set of six runes on the upper left and upper right side of the room, and once all the runes are charged, the entire team is entitled to an 'Overcharge' buff.

According to a GameRant report, "The Overcharge buff has some significance, but no one can figure out what that could be. Dunking from the lift pads in a certain order also doesn't seem to change anything, although that seems the most likely solution. Some reported that the lift pads turned off at certain points, but no one knows why."

More on the secret room will be discovered going forward. Watch this space for more information.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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