Destiny's recently released The Taken King DLC is quite the upgrade over its previous House of Wolves expansion. If not anything else, we have been taken aback by Oryx's Dreadnaught, with a number of chests located within the Dreadnaught.

In case you didn't know, these chests require keys that can be obtained from a host of events around the ship. Once you have a key, you will then be required to locate the associated chest. But, how to locate these chests within the Dreadnaught? We take a closer look.

Destiny The Taken King – Dreadnaught Chest Locations

First of all, to obtain a key, the player will need to get a Wormsinger Rune by killing various enemies around the Dreadnaught. Once the key drops, the player is required to head to the Hull Breach and activate an event using the rune on the machines that were previously found in the caves.

Following this, there will be a massive battle that will allow the player to get the Wormfeeder Rune from the dead yellow bar enemy once they emerge victorious. At this point, as many as 50 enemies are to be killed on the Dreadnaught without dying.

Dreadnaught Chests – Hull Breach Chests

Key of Eir Chest: From the Hull Breach in Dreadnaught Patrol, go beyond the doorway to the right. Continue forward until you drop down to the lower level. On your right you'll see another doorway leading to a series of corridors. Make your way through the crack in the wall, then continue forward and into the narrow corridor directly ahead. When you reach the initial junction, head left and move through the corridor until you find the Key of Eir chest located to the right.

Key of Ur Chest: From the Hull Breach, move toward the middle of the area in front of the Cabal ship where several wrecked metal rods protrude from the floor. Drop under the rods to find a doorway leading to a corridor lined with orange, glowing tanks. Head into the hallway and continue to the right to find the Key of Ur chest close to the wall.

Key of Xol Chest: From the Hull Breach, head to the far right, toward the hexagonal-shaped entrance. Continue through the doorway and into the next room to find several tanks suspended on the walls. Circle around to the far side of the middle column to find the Key of Xol chest.

Dreadnaught Chests – Hall of Souls Chests

Key of Gnashing Teeth Chest: From the Hull Breach, turn around and continue through the tunnel that leads into the Hall of Souls, and move across the area and toward the Court of Oryx. The Key of Gnashing Teeth chest is found on the main platform, in the center section below the portal gate.

Key of Yuul Chest: From the main middle platform where you found the Key of Gnashing Teeth chest, move around to the backside of the Court to locate a set of stone pillars inside the chasm. Calcified Fragment 13 can also be found on the first pillar. Move across the pillars to the platform on the far side, then call your Ghost to scan the chasm and find a hidden path. Move across the newly revealed bridge pieces until you reach a round platform up and to the right. This is where you can find the Key of Yuul chest, in addition to a Calcified Fragment 11.

Key of Akka Chest: From the platform where you found the Key of Yuul chest, jump back across the once hidden bridge to where you initially viewed the chasm. Face the direction of the chasm and head through the entrance to the left. Continue across the room and through a passage on the far left wall that leads into the next open area. With the Court of Oryx to your left, jump across the gap here and head into the entrance on the opposite wall. Duck down into the hole on the right, then head through the corridor. Once you exit the first corridor, the Key of Akka chest is located to the right.

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[Source: Prima Games]