Destiny's The Taken King DLC is coming this September
Destiny's The Taken King DLC is coming this September.YouTube

Players keep coming back to Bungie's Destiny as it offers a variety of things that they can have. 

Bungie has issued a hot fix, -- The One about the Collector's Edition -- and detailed it on its blog on the website.

It said that this fix will be in time for the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, and adds that this fix will only be affecting the item delivery in Collector's Edition.


  • Fixed issues with Taken King Collector's Edition items:
    • Armor awards can now be found in the correct portion of the Postmaster's interface
    • Packages now produce the correct item even if opened by a different class
    • Players who might have been affected by this issue will be provided the correct armour piece

Discovery of Redeemable Code in Collector's Edition

Redeemable code has been found by fans mining for information. These codes were found in Cayde-6's Insula Thesauraria book of the Collector's Edition.

Reddittor, Daniilthethird goes on to explain in his post that this is about "red dot cipher."

  • Several pages with red dots: 1 and 2. I believe that there are more but I don't have the whole set of images yet. Still waiting for my CE to be shipped
  • On the top of the first page you can see a table with column titled DM/DL/NM/NL (or maybe some other letters, quality of the image is not good enough to tell for sure) and some dots below – might be a key. To the left there is a CLASS column with set of dashes below (just keep in mind that there is similar pattern elsewhere; it is mentioned below).
  • The second page contains a larger set of dots. Initially I thought that it some king of known code/alphabet. I've tried Morse, Baudot and Braille. All does not seem to work. The closes thing IMO is Alphabet and Contractions of English Grade-2 Braille. I came up with this based on the grouping of the dots, but I might be wrong.
  • The third dot group (five dots shaped like L turned upside down) on the first image and the top dot group on the second page look similar, so maybe we need to rotate the second page 90deg counter clockwise to read it. I've tried Braille decoding on rotated page but it resulted nothing.
  • More [red dots], and thanks to /u/cash4shoes an overlay with 2. At the moment I don't know what to do with this.
  • Image of Clovis Bray something which potentially gives a hint on cipher (numbers 1, 2 and 3 and corresponding dot combinations), but I personally doubt it. There was some theory (in addition) elaborated on this basis, worth to have a look.
  • On this page at the bottom: "Me? I learned long ago you gotta play the hand you've dealt". There are two cards (back) shipped with CE Queen and Jack of Spades. I've searched for meaning of these cards and it's really nothing... Except Q of spades is referred as Pallas and J as Ogier the Dane, who by chance is a knight of Charlemagne. Definitely a coincidence. I've also looked at the Unicode for these cards, but again nothing.
  • On this page at the bottom: "Eleven Points, so it was said. You are Free to Remove." I'm not sure if it refers to red dots or to this map. By the way in Stivenson's Treasure Island there is a similar map. Changed formatting - some words start with capitals, might be important. Credit goes to /u/CDONNS
  • If you wonder, the Latin writing on the page mentioned above is: "palma non sine pulvere" – no reward without effort AND "ipsa scientia potestas est" – knowledge itself is power.
  • On Cayde-6's letter on the bottom left there is dash pattern. It is similar to the one on first page with dots – top right. I have not tried to crack it yet.
  • Only certain characters are used in Bungie codes. These are: A C D F G H J K L M N P R T V X Y 3 4 6 7 9

Guide to Get into Strikes Solo

Strikes offer players with the best loot to progress in the game, and in order to progress, playing Strikes makes sense.

But for people who want to play it solo, there is an option for that too. But this is only tested on PS4.

Step 1: Sit in orbit and have your desired strike ready, don't hit search yet.

Step 2: Press the PS button and go to your settings>date and time> set time manually and set your date back 2 days. Press X to enter the new date.

Step 3: Go back to destiny and hit the search button and you'll matchmake into a strike completely solo.

This will let players complete all the quests and bounties, solo. Players must see to it that they fix the time on the PS4 after they have completed it.