Destiny's The Taken King DLC is coming this September
Destiny's The Taken King DLC rolled out in September.YouTube

As Destiny players are busy with the recently released The Taken King DLC, there have been issues like bugs and glitches following the update. Bungie has acted to end all the bugs that would affect its players with a new hot fix for the game. The company had just a week back released a hot fix

The newest hot fix for Destiny: The Taken King will finally bring a fix to the Hamer of Sol bug. Players exploited the glitch as they could constantly attack the rivals.

Bungie told players in its post on the official website that the new hot fix, "fixes issues that shipped with The Taken King or were introduced by Update"

It further detailed what fixes it will be bringing about:


  • Fixed an issue where Titan Sunbreakers could rapidly spam the Hammer of Sol attack


  • Fixed an issue where players were occasionally not getting loot when opening chests


  • Fixed an issue where players were not earning their rightfully-owed equipment from Valus Ta'aurc

Following the hot fix, players of Destiny: The Taken King will find its gameplay to be much smoother.

Armsday Weapons and Orders

As part of the new tradition, where the Gunsmith will give players new weapon and orders every Wednesday, here are few for this week. This is given to players who have placed orders at the foundry.

Players must note that they should not "Consume" any weapon order packages that are present in their inventory. They should hand it to the Gunsmith and collect the new weapon.

Field Test Weapons

  • Omolon Test FR1 - Fusion Rifle - Use against Vex Minotaurs
  • Omolon Test HC1 - Hand Cannon - Use against Vex
  • Suros TSP-10 - Pulse Rifle - Use against Hive
  • Häkke Test-A - Sniper Rifle - Make double-kills
  • Omolon Test RR1 - Sniper Rifle - Use against Fallen Captains

This Week's Weapon Orders


Hash from the Mine – Now Solved

Redditor Browsing_From_Work, has solved the issue of players seeing cryptographic hashes on the screen where the ghost can be scanned during the Promethean Code mission of Destiny: The Taken King.

These cryptographic hashes were used to encode passwords. The screen contained a hint: the secret phrase used to generate the hashes is one line, three words, a total of 24 bytes.

  • The secret phrase is: seraph network terminal.

And the result is a direct match.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how the tough code was cracked by Redditors:

lines:1 words: 3 bytes: 24

md2: e53bfab73600e05e76546bf6c5509b76

md4: 8ffed6ee507df5b5462c8b1764eab098

md5: 1ceab1f5b327682c7835e21b96711429

sha1: df8d27fbf7e06e989eade44ca01165689a93c527

sha224: 3195d72d2b1b012d1833243fd73270b05c350fed54a9669652de0c6e

sha256: d383bfaff00ccd347dc40276430a0023d088edf3db35f91d64b481eb52718d3d

sha384: 9fc93ab6e4e45bd406df979953282773688e09975262a9bdb922304e9178447cd6e9560957a8c685673790ceecce5439

sha512: cc09436f801a9c8415e9b675924f5f555effddaa41ae0ba82af590e489ff8d1c7b0004e59b733dbcc6f3d925972dcbae02158e37047e82eca04c5a278fbaa58a

ripemd128: 9ae5f7315ecaa79745020f4c4f071d30

ripemd160: 093a9af3495cc7f2b236779cedb3c64d475d921c

ripemd256: ac640338202ca2fdcc561108a540c0035c3a7139279f391e92f946782c2ae0d3

ripemd320: 9147aed061002701f5ffef043270e649fa64b3383148e862ff0f02b76a12d1a3fa3eac9c35a7159c

whirlpool: b6e53a2128a84a7893ee6070fece3802ff71a4322062ba463b033481eff05c5b68ae32865b285df80da7e45119d06d5e1f2dc539fe7ca2d7f5ebaf776edf7438

tiger128,3: 8f2e47be389feb29ddd30d4399a061e5

tiger160,3: 8f2e47be389feb29ddd30d4399a061e57dabf52f

tiger192,3: 8f2e47be389feb29ddd30d4399a061e57dabf52f7f835809

tiger128,4: 67cf4576cc90562e33e0298afb9c3793

tiger160,4: 67cf4576cc90562e33e0298afb9c379367dfaa6f

tiger192,4: 67cf4576cc90562e33e0298afb9c379367dfaa6fc0b82370

snefru: c4d8f776080dbf9e11edc13c5ef7fde2af3f14044ec4c13e4bdccf3454d611dc

snefru256: c4d8f776080dbf9e11edc13c5ef7fde2af3f14044ec4c13e4bdccf3454d611dc

gost: 8881cb38347e531a46ff7bf83bfcf7e8d19af6077624b69206c1fda54347b40d

adler32: 77020958

crc32: acc17a9d

crc32b: 4f1a5cc6

fnv132: 8b50b10e

fnv164: e5024d7b008e2cce

joaat: 93a6afbd

haval128,3: e22700e095c78049b0bd5254a7cd78ce

haval160,3: ca3e09c3cde30652e13ccc89dd1473d587067ccf

haval192,3: f1a8965ea0e6667e114345f5da393481cbdbca489c73ee96

haval224,3: 38ab94072d555964e383e4fe0eb8a0e33211a915c975578614076f11

haval256,3: 6aa7152a34a0d9c365160dbda62d3ed8e553d6be08727b94edd012d3f49b4cc7

haval128,4: 673e63da8cd26732ba4c1fbc59088661

haval160,4: 0c63e2b107bb545b9c6c6a8d90610b378ad48c7f

haval192,4: 57eb4f54217b42b2c25f3622a4aad2b631a0f1f28e980f71

haval224,4: 458453cc14236f3199e5e217b50233e9e85219ec31f04f5abc876388

haval256,4: b4f80fe47fc611e3ebacb5d461f0e39df4b36914ea2758e41df74fb3f15a567c

haval128,5: a0bc2676e3142338889e9dfda03d4216

haval160,5: 075a7215b529618f6890c4330cffd173ff52e845

haval192,5: 51ffff766855f5443480baed91cea1ef26e7a6492b8f68b3

haval224,5: e859bdf9b48af14ccd52c492bc2eb287b17e4c792f8122c85576b6c3

haval256,5: 90981a5f19f5772626556938972085804b3ddf7a40396e7504d3532f215f679a