Destiny's highly-anticipated "The Taken King" DLC finally reaches us on Tuesday 15, September, 2015 with a number of new features and tweaks that would affect the overall experience.

As of now, a host of details for the new DLC have been shared via numerous livestreams, aside making way for it with the recently pushed out Destiny update 2.0. But before the DLC arrives officially, there are a few details that you should keep in mind, one of them being how to hit level 40 in the game.

As far as a foreword is concerned, fans will need to know that a number of things have changed for the game with update 2.0, with even more changes in the pipeline once "The Taken King" comes around. For starters, Bungie has upped the level cap from 34 to 40 with players no longer required to level up by equipping armour with Light.

But how exactly do you hit that desired level cap in the game once the DLC comes around? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep Calm and Amass Public Event Packages

Any Destiny fan will know this. Once Destiny goes official, fans are eligible to compete in public events with their respective characters and also receive a public event package upon completion. Following that, head over to the Postmaster and acquire materials to upgrade weapons and armours. With the Taken King, however, players will also earn XP. Just take part in public events and don't claim the rewards until 15 September – this will help you rank up faster. However, note that you can only earn one public event package per character per day.

Have Bounties? Don't Cash in Just Yet

With the Destiny 2.0 update, players can access as many as 16 active bounties. What you can do here is finish as many Crucible and Vanguard Bounties as possible before the release of "The Taken King". But wait before you turn them in until 15 September. As of now, bounties will level up weapons and armour, and it's way better to cash them in on the launch date for a substantial boost to your Guardian.

Red Bull Gives You Wings... And Added XP

First of all, this is only for Destiny fans based either in US or Canada. In case you weren't aware, Bungie had partnered with Red Bull to offer fans an XP boost on each can of the popular beverage. Fans can now wait until September 15 to redeem the code and activate it via the Postmaster. You can turn in all of those bounties and claim public event package rewards for even more XP.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]