Destiny's recently released The Taken King DLC, as you may already know, offers a host of new weapons that are quite the upgrade over the ones that came around with House of Wolves. And one such weapon is Touch of Malice, known to offer unlimited ammo, but at the cost of the user's health.

Touch of Malice is almost a deceptive weapon that will indeed get you out of deep soups, but would you be ready to part with your health in order to handle such a powerful device? We are sure that the jury on this one will remain open for a long time. That being said, while some users will keep away from it, others will be like, "why not?"

Getting hold of the Touch of Malice isn't the complicated, but it isn't that easy either. However, here's a guide that will guide you to the weapon in The Taken King.

Destiny The Taken King – How to Get Touch of Malice

To obtain the Touch of Malice, the players must first speak with Eris to start the quest, Shattered Past. The player will be tasked with obtaining five Calcified Fragments.

However, instead of just five Calcified Fragments, it is recommended that the players collect 15, as doing so gets the Hunger Pangs quest from Eris. The following quests will then task the player with a mission to kill Bracus. In case you weren't aware, Bracus is a special Taken Centurion found at the bottom of the Salt Mines in Bunker WAR-4.

Once Bracus has been taken out and the quest completed, the player will need to finish quest, The Old Hunger. The player will need to move into the King's Fall raid once and the quest will become active. Here the player will be tasked with obtaining the following items from within the raid -- the Blade of Famine, the Shroud of Anûk and the Ravenous Heart.

The players can obtain the Blade of Famine by killing the Warpriest. The Shroud of Anûk, however, will drop from the Deathsingers in the raid, while the Ravenous Heart will drop from Oryx. Once all three items have been obtained, Eris will ask the player to find 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 Weapon Parts.

Of the three items, Hadium Flakes are the toughest to obtain. The players will be required to farm the Dreadnaught until they get 50 Hadium Flakes. While farming for the Hadium Flakes, the players will also come across the 25 Wormspore they will require, and obtaining them shouldn't be that big an issue.

Once that is done, give Eris the items to obtain an Antiquated Rune. Following this, the players will need to collect 30 Calcified Fragments to continue the journey to find the Touch of Malice. Here, the Hunger Pangs quest line will become active again.

Now the players will need to speak with Eris and then head into The Undying Mind Strike. The task here is to kill the Taken Knight, Morgath, Lore-Keeper. The players can find him at the end of the Strike. Kill Morgath, Lore-Keeper and head back to Eris to get a Stolen Rune from her.

Here, the players will require 45 Calcified Fragments. Once that's done, head back to Phobos for the mission, Fear's Embrace. The players will need to kill the Taken Wizard, Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller when Echo of Oryx is almost defeated. With all the tasks complete, the players will then need to head back to speak with Eris, and later receive the Touch of Malice.

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[Source: Prima Games]