Have you tried out Destiny's new The Taken King DLC? If not, we don't know what is holding you back, and recommend that you give it a try. If the previously released House of Wolves DLC brought major groundbreaking features to the game, The Taken King builds on that and makes the game even more addictive.

As you may be knowing by now, provided you are knee-deep into the new DLC, infusing your gear – armour and weapons – forms a big part of the new DLC. To be honest, the infusing bit might be a little alien to those who are just entering the game. Here is a guided walk-through that will help you when infusing weapons and armour.

Destiny The Taken King – Infusing Armour and Weapons

What are the Requirements?

  • The infused gear should show lower Attack or Defence rating than the dismantling gear.
  • The dismantling gear must show higher Attack or Defence rating than the infused gear.
  • The dismantling gear should be unlocked and unequipped.
  • Both items must belong to the same year.
  • Both items must belong to the same slot.

What are the Infusion Resources?

First of all, infusing gear can be costly, and the amount adds up if you need to infuse an item more than once. To save as much as possible and still infuse your gear, you can plan ahead on what to infuse, provided you are willing to use it for a considerable amount of time.

Why Should I Infuse Gear?

If not anything else, the only reason you should look to infuse your gear is to increase your Attack and Defence ratings, and further boosting the light level of a specific item. This allows you to get higher output from weapons that originally came with lower Attack or Defence rating.

How to Infuse Weapons and Armour?

To start infusing any item, place it in your active slot. Once that is done, you can select another weapon that comes with a higher attack rating. When both the weapons are ready, make sure that they are from the same year. Also, make sure that the higher level item is already unlocked and can be dismantled.

Next, highlight the equipped weapon that you plan on infusing and open the Details menu for the specific item. You should see the Infuse option in the lower left corner, alongside the necessary requirements that you will need to perform. If everything's already in place, press the Select button.

When on the next screen, you will see a warning that will notify you on basically everything that's already aforementioned, apart from displaying the weapon that you dismantle during the process. Just select the weapon you want to dismantle and click the option to Dismantle for Infusion. Now, if you go back to the Character screen and check out the Infused weapon, you'll see a new, higher Attack value that's now attached to it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]