In case you were living under a rock, Destiny's highly-anticipated The Taken King DLC has finally gone live. As expected, the game has been treated to a welcome overhaul, as far as added features and functionality is concerned, aside the fact that new weapons and exotics have also made their way into the game.

For the day, however, leaving aside all the new stuff in the game with the DLC, we are concentrating on the Exotic Weapon Blueprints that have also been added. These blueprints cover both Year 1 and Year 2 weapons, alongside info on how to upgrade the gear.

Before you can try out the Exotic Weapon Blueprints, keep in mind that Year 2 Exotics can only be unlocked after you have reached level 40 in the game. We have, however, already spoken about how you can get to the level 40 easily. And here's a look at everything you need to know about the Exotic Weapon Blueprints in the game.

Destiny The Taken King – Exotic Weapon Blueprints Guide

Now that The Taken King has finally been released, you can start using the Year 2 Exotic weapons. As of now, fans will be able to visit the kiosk located in the Hall of Guardians. There, you'll be able to view the weapons making The Taken King transition.

If you are not sure what Exotic Weapon Blueprints stand for, note that these are exotic weapons that you will find while exploring different stages in Destiny. You can check out your current arsenal by visiting the Hall of Guardians at the Tower and checking the kiosk on the right.

You can look for it behind the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey. For it, you will be on the Collection 1 tab, apart from Year 2 Primary, Year 2 Special and Year 2 Heavy weapons. They are displayed as engrams in the game. For the Collection 2 tab, it will be where the game displays Year 1 Primary, Year 1 Special and Year 1 Heavy weapons.

Year 1 Exotics Guide

Any weapon you have had in the game, you will be able to retrieve it from the Year 1 kiosk. Once you uncover a blueprint, you should have access to that certain weapon forever. However, if you have already dismantled a weapon in your inventory and looking for it back in the kiosk, you will need to shell out one Exotic Shard and 2,500 Glimmer.

Year 2 Exotics Guide

When on Collections 1 tab, there will be weapons displayed that will be available for Year 2 upgrade. Check here for a full detailed description on the Year 2 Exotics.

Destiny The Taken King – Get Legendary Marks

There are big changes that have been made to the in-game Legendary Marks system as well. While there are only a few known sources of Legendary Marks as of now, a new video from YouTuber Arekkz has shared details on how you can make the most out of them. Check out the video below.

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